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Joaquin Phoenix. Affleck’s real life BFF. Turkey’s BFF first.

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Casey Affleck. the only Affleck Vegan.

this is only the beginning of seeing young Affleck on AMAD. just an fyi. ;)

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Mos Def. mos def the turk’s supporter. (they just keep getting worse. i’m sorry.)

04:09 pm, by haveamanaday

Justin Theroux. maybe being friends with meat is why he looked so damn good in Full Throttle. hm…food for thought.

02:08 pm, by haveamanaday

Q-Tip. “oooh on the tofurkey tip.” (i’m sorry that was corny and bad, but i couldn’t help it)

12:07 pm, by haveamanaday

Anthony Kiedis. Turkey’s friend.

he’s like a fine wine. he gets better with age. fo’sho.

10:03 am, by haveamanaday

so as a clever Thanksgiving Day trick, it was decided, since a lot of friends and so on don’t eat meat and it’s mainly a meat-kind of day, it’d be a good idea to honor the vegetarians and vegans for the day.

without further ado…



(meat-eaters, watch the video)

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