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I’ve been trying to get into Goldfrapp’s latest album, Head First. It is certainly not as good as their other stuff—and especially not as good as my favorite of their albums, Black Cherry—but “Rocket” is a fun, catchy song to dance to, and the video is filled with close-ups of Alison (and her raccoon eyes), so it’s worth a listen/watch.

i know exactly who i’d put on that rocket too. i think that’s why i love this song so much. it couldn’t have come out a better time. really. :)

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Train…still my favorite song and video from Goldfrapp. still.

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this one’s even BETTER! 80’s synth back in full power!

i feel like i should be flying in a jet or dancing in a strip club with water being thrown on me when i hear this!

(name those movies. if you can’t…i’ll be very sad)

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Goldfrapp’s new single Rocket (Richard X mix).

i know it’s not the original (which is a synth dream imho) but it’s still pretty damn good. i’m excited at least!

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this is how i felt today when i got news i didn’t have work due to the blizzard.

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