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It’s Educational! of the Day: Mattel announced today that it plans to release a line of premium dolls for adults called the “Barbie Fashion Model Collection,” which will include a set of dolls based on characters from the critically acclaimed AMC show Mad Men.

From the New York Times:

“ ‘Mad Men’ represents so beautifully the universe that created Barbie,” said Robert Thompson, professor of television and popular culture at Syracuse University, because the series is about the selling of the American consumer society. […]

“I have this fantasy of an 8-year-old getting a set” of the dolls, he added, “and saying: ‘Mom, can Chelsea come over? We want to play “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit.” I’m going to be the organization man, and she’s going to be the soulless drone.’ ”

The dolls will be available for purchase through amctv.com, barbiecollector.com, and at specialty stores for $74.95 each.

I want the Pete Campbell doll so I can give it to my dog for a chew toy.

This is for you, Q!

i’d totally play with these dolls all day. (though i could do without mrs. draper, i admit)

thanks @aweyeah.

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slip on in to bed…awow is now over for yet another week. hope it was well enjoyed.

slip on in to bed…awow is now over for yet another week. hope it was well enjoyed.

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These two are the flip sides of the same coin…that coin being the type of women I am attracted to. Gorgeous.


Christina Hendricks and January Jones, UK Vogue March 2009

ok. i have to say, and i know many will disagree, i have a REAL problem with Betty Draper (except when she took out the gun and shot at the pigeons). but i like the contrast between the two girls on TV and even in reality.

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Monty: Mal, I want you to meet my Bridget.
[Monty steps aside to reveal Saffron. She and Mal draw guns on each other.]
Monty: So… you guys have met.


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my other favorite dress of Joan’s.

my other favorite dress of Joan’s.

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the green dress.

the green dress.

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